March 2023 Real Estate Newsletter

A White Color Cut Out of a Family With a Car

Spring’s Around the Corner: I posted a video the other day on my Facebook page referencing the current real estate market. On November 17th 2023 there were 1,137 homes for sale in the Greater Antelope Valley Association of Realtors (GAVAR). Today, 3-1-2023, there are 631 homes for sale. This is approximately a 44% decrease in…

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February 2023 Real Estate Newsletter

A Man Signing a Paper While Taking a Keychain

2023 Spring Market Forecast: According to the National Association of Realtors (NAR) the Pending home sales improved in December 2022 (up 2.5% from November 2022) for the first time since May of 2022. As I mentioned in an earlier newsletter, May 2022 (Approx.) was the high point last year. Since May of 2022, there has been…

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January 2023 Real Estate Newsletter

A House Shape Keychain on a Document Paper

2022 Recap: Well, that was a bumpy ride wasn’t it! The year started out with mortgage rates at approximately 3% and ended up at almost 7%. We know that the Federal Reserve Chairman (Jerome Powell) is trying to slow down inflation by raising rates. The thing is, he needs help from all the other parts…

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December 2022 Real Estate News Letter

A Man Holding a White Shaped House in the Palms

Traditions are Great. We have a special one that I’ll share below, but first, I want to say that new traditions are good too. Beginning a new tradition can be the start of something Big. The main tradition that I have is that we invite our family over for Christmas Eve Dinner. We have a…

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November 2022 Real Estate Newsletter

A Person Looking at a Model Home With a Magnifying Glass

What’s an iBuyer and is it right for you? Over the past 10 years or so there have been quite a few companies popping up stating: “We’ll give you an offer in 24 hours and buy your home for cash”. On the surface, this may sound like the perfect fit. You may think… Let’s see,…

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October 2022 Real Estate Newsletter

A Red Color Home Model With White Color Models

Did I miss the Market? Recently I’ve had a few friends ask me “Hey Ron, Did I miss the opportunity to sell my home”? And I say “No”. Here’s why. I haven’t done this in a while, but I’m going back to my sample area… from Avenue ‘J’ to Avenue ‘K’ and from 20th Street…

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September 2022 Real Estate Newsletter

A Cardboard Home Cut Out With Keys in a Box

Where’s the Real Estate Market Headed? We all know that inflation isn’t tamed overnight. It takes time for the tools the Federal Reserve Board (FRB) has to take effect. Since I’m in the real estate business, I see the effects of the changing rates on a weekly basis (if not daily). One key indicator is…

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August 2022 Real Estate Newsletter

A White Color Home Cutout on a Wooden Table

Is the Housing Market Cooling off??? Here’s a good handful of indicators that the housing market is cooling off. This being said, we’re closer to the real estate market we were at in 2019, before COVID. We’ll Keep an eye on the housing inventory and the mortgages rates. These are key indicators on which way the…

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July 2022 Real Estate Newsletter

A House Keychain in Wood Material

What’s the difference between a Mortgage Banker and Mortgage Broker? This is an Important question and here’s why: A mortgage banker works for a single lending institution… like a bank, credit union or mortgage company… that services, sells or originates residential mortgage loans offered by that particular lender. A mortgage broker is an agent who… working…

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June 2022 Real Estate Newsletter

A Couple Holding Out a House Model With Keys

WHOA!!! Stop with the Rate Hikes Please!! This is what the increase in interest rates means to the average home buyer. In October of 2021, the mortgage rates were about 3%. Today, they are about 5.25%. On a $500,000.00 home, the difference in the monthly mortgage payment is…at 3% = $3,099.11 and at 5% = $3,740.28.…

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