December 2023 Real Estate Newsletter: Home Sales Decline Year over Year

In a recent study I found that the number of homes that sold (sales volume) decreased from the

two-month period of September 27 th to November 27 th of 2022 vs the two-month period of September

27 to November 27 th 2023. In a sample area that was taken from the Greater Antelope Valley

Association of Realtors and encompassed Ave H to Ave K going north and south and from 10 th

street west to 40 th street west going east and west. In 2022 there were 71 homes that sold in this

area and in 2023 there were only 37 homes that sold in that area. So, on a year over year basis,

there were about half as many homes that sold this year (2023) compared to last year (2022) in

this particular area. Although the number of homes that sold were down, prices were a bit

stronger. I strongly believe that there is a pent-up demand for homes and with the likelihood that the

Federal Reserve will be lowering interest rates sometime in 2024, the number of home sales

will likely increase.

Holiday Season Party Ideas:

The attached flyer contains some fun things to do around the holidays. Another of my favorites

(not on the flyer) is to create a ‘seek and find’ list for the grandkids. I make a list of some of the

features on the ornaments on the Christmas tree and have the grandkids find them. I’ve done

this for the past few years and now they look forward to this little game.

Fun Facts for December:

1) There will be a full moon on December 26 th . 2) Both Male and Female Reindeer have

Antlers. 3) Winter Solstice (aka the shortest day of the year) will be on December 21 st .

If you have any questions about this information or any regarding real estate, feel free to call,

text or email me, I’m here for you and if you would like a quick valuation on your home just go

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Take care, be safe out there and Happy Holidays.


Ron Hier

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