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A Cardboard Home Cut Out With Keys in a Box

September 2022 Real Estate Newsletter

Where’s the Real Estate Market Headed? We all know that inflation isn’t tamed overnight. It takes time for the tools the Federal Reserve Board (FRB) has to take effect. Since…

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A White Color Home Cutout on a Wooden Table

August 2022 Real Estate Newsletter

Is the Housing Market Cooling off??? Here’s a good handful of indicators that the housing market is cooling off. This being said, we’re closer to the real estate market we were…

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A House Keychain in Wood Material

July 2022 Real Estate Newsletter

What’s the difference between a Mortgage Banker and Mortgage Broker? This is an Important question and here’s why: A mortgage banker works for a single lending institution… like a bank, credit…

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A Couple Holding Out a House Model With Keys

June 2022 Real Estate Newsletter

WHOA!!! Stop with the Rate Hikes Please!! This is what the increase in interest rates means to the average home buyer. In October of 2021, the mortgage rates were about 3%.…

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A Red Color Model House With White Houses

May 2022 Real Estate News Letter

The SCOOP on Interest Rates: Recently, a client asked me why interest rates for Re-finances are LOWER than Purchases?Here are a few of the reasons:Mortgage bankers/lenders lend … on Risk!…

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A Person Marking on Papers With a Calculator

April 2022 Real Estate Newsletter

The Fed says as many as 6 rate hikes this year: The Federal Reserve Chairman (Fed Chair) J. Powell, announced earlier in March that he was launching a ‘high-risk’ effort…

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A Model Cardboard House With Coin Piles

March 2022 Real Estate Newsletter

Median Home Prices for SFV, SCV and AV: Top O’the Month to you all and Happy St. Patty’s Day (March 17th). Now that the numbers are in for 2021, I’d…

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A Man in a Suit Holding Out Keys

February 2022 Real estate Newsletter

How Rising Interest Rates will affect the Spring Housing Market. Well, there are a couple of things we have to look at before we dive into the future… 1). Over…

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A Group Discussing Over a Floor Plan of a House

January 2022 Real Estate Newsletter

If you know of someone wanting to get their real estate license, The Hier Advantage Real estate Sales and Service now has their very own Real Estate School… Our…

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A Hand Holding Our a House Model in Both Hands

December 2021 Real Estate News Letter

Closing Out The Year: Yes, it has been another wild ride. While we were still dealing with the Pandemic (mask wearing, hand sanitizing, vaccines and the like) we were pretty…

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